Digital Chair Scales

Chair Scales

H551-00-1 Chair Scale

Patented Design
The new Chair Scale 550 maintains Shekel's well-known reputation for reliability and
uncompromising precision. With a few smart changes, we have created the ideal
ergonomic patient product. All of a patient's care needs, including safety, comfort,
caregiver's use and maintenance, are met.
The chair scale's compact package design ensures the most cost efficient position for
shipping, and helps our distributors handle their logistics in the best way.

New and Innovative Design
• Improved scale capacity, up to 300 kg.
• Compact packaging size: 550 x 750 x 600mm
• Total product weight: 18kg (including packaging: 20kg)
New, user-friendly indicator, with easy to operate buttons

• Movement compensation technology
• BMI (body mass index) function
• Tare
• Reweigh
• Zero
• Hold
• Healthweigh Platinum Indicator
• 6-digit 1" LCD
• Updatable firmware
• RS232 port
•Optional: USB port; Bluetooth
•Optional: Smart com box enabling
a large variety of communication

• 230v\120v input, DC 9V output
• Auto power off
• Rechargeable battery
• Low battery indicator
• AC adapter plug storage