Physician Scale

H151-00-5 Physician Scale

Development & Research The designer Eitan Shiloh, the ID Studio Manager at Aran 

At  Healthweigh®, we provide innovative weighing solutions
to make the most basic, primary and essential procedure comprehensive,
safe and user friendly for doctors, nurses and caregivers,
as well as for the patients.

• Movement compensation technology
• BMI (body mass index) function
• Zero
• Hold
• Reweigh
• Print
• 5-digit 3/4" LCD
• Negative / positive FSTN
• Updatable firmware
• RS232 port and USB port
• Optional: bluetooth

• 230v/120v input, DC 9V output
• Auto power off
• 6 X 1.5AA batteries
• Low battery indicator

An outstanding platform
Aluminum cast coat makes the
scale safe and robust.
The platform is exceptionally
wide(374mm X 374mm)
and coated with silicone mat
for patient comfort.