Posture Analyzer

Posture Analyzer

       QPS-200 - Posture Analyzer System, is the comprehensive solution for
        Posture and Stability analysis and bio-feedback training.
       The Posture Analyzer Consist of 5 items:
1.       Posture Scale Analyzer - Force plate and Software
2.       Posture Vision              - Software
3.       Posture Screen             - Background Screen
4.       PSA Board                   - For one limb testing and Training
5.       USB to Serial Adaptor   - For Laptop
      The Posture Analyzer System is essential and objective system for:
  • Physical Therapists / Physiotherapists
  • Neurologists
  • Chiropractors
  • Rehab Centers
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     Two tools in One System:
    A. Posture Scale Analyzer – Analyze weight distribution, balance and stability of patient.
    B. Posture-Vision – Analyze posture screening of the patient.
       Posture Scale Analyzer
         The Posture Scale Analyzer (PSA) has two modes of operation:
1.     Test Mode - provides the following information:
  • Records weight distribution between Left & Right, Anterior & Posterior.
  • Identifies patient's center of pressure during the test.
  • Tracks dynamic behaviors: stability, sway rate and direction, fall assessment.
2.     Training Mode
  • Real time Bio-Feedback training.
  • Trains and educates patient to control and adjust their balance and stability.
  • Enhances patient's awareness to their balance and stability.
     Other features:
  • Clear graphical and numerical presentation of test results.
  • Gives immediate test results and feedback (15 sec).
  • Records patient performance and training scores.
  • Provides a printout of test data.
  • Enables export and import test data via email. 
  • Provides statistical analysis.
  • BMI.
  • CE marking certified.
  • User friendly system.
      The PSA can be used:
  • Prior to treatment in order to determine the appropriate treatment.
  • After treatment  to indicate the effectiveness of the treatment.
  • During the treatment process to indicate the improvement in patient's condition.
       The PSA provides statistical analysis of the tests performed on a single patient, on a group of patients, or all the listed patients. The data is organized according to date of tests, patient age, gender and in addition, in accordance to 6 different criteria that can be specified by the attendant.
  •  Provides posture screening of patient 
  •  Indicates posture Imperfection.
  •  Supports downloading from a digital camera or file
  •  User friendly
  •  Provides a complementary tool to the Posture Scale Analyzer
  •  Enables immediate test results
  •  Analyzes X-ray pictures
The Posture-Vision is a complementary tool to the Posture Scale analyzer.                      
Used together the tools provide comprehensive evaluation of the Patient's condition. 











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